The Place of Natural Healing


The Place of Natural Healing

Located in scenic Conception Bay South, my services are offered in a comfortable and friendly home-based environment where you will receive the support and attention you need.  The healthcare provided is both individualized and focused on your specific needs.

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Phytoembryotherapy (plant stem cell therapy)

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Nutrition & Therapeutic use of Foods

Naturopathy focuses on disease prevention, patient education, and health management, while considering the underlying causes of disease in each particular individual, enabling the patient to take charge of maintaining their own good health.  With supervised use of natural therapies, many acute and chronic conditions subside.  This is accomplished by supporting the body’s natural ability to heal resulting in long-term wellness.

Naturopathic services are covered by most private insurance plans

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Dr. Carolann Hamilton, ND, DIHom

Naturopathic Doctor & Homeopath